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Just the FAQs...

Abstract Paint
  • Do You Sell Non-Blended Teas?
    Yes, we sell regular teas. That is, teas that are not blended with other teas or fruits, nuts, spices, etc. The Vampyre Tea Company is also Cup of Love. You can find a large selection of traditional and rare teas from around the world on our Cup of Love site. Click Here To Visit A Cup Of Love --->
  • How Do I Place An Order?
    Simply select the tea you want and it will take you to its product page. Once there, select the size of the tea you are interested in getting - ie: a 2oz Rice Paper Bag or a Gothic Tea Tin with Original Art, or Larger Quantity Once you have made your selection, the price for that selction will come up on the product page. Add to Cart. Go to Cart or Click on View Cart, and from there you Checkout.
  • Do You Sell Wholesale?
    Yes, we do sell our orignal tea blends wholesale. Email me at: and let's work it out.
  • Got the Wrong Stuff! Things are Missing! What Do I Do?
    If we have sent you the wrong teas, or have missed something from your order, simply shoot us off an email about it ---> We will make the appropriate corrections, at no additional cost to you. Please keep the wrongly sent teas and enjoy them! It is on us. Your teas will be arriving shortly.
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