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Finding your cup of tea

Though tea is for everyone, not everyone is for tea; and finding "your cup of love", the tea that speaks to your soul, is a journey of a thousand sips.

Each tea, whether green, black, red, white, or tisane, have different flavor profiles, health benefits, and attributes that directly affect your body, your mood, and your mind.

Explore with Ease

Take the plunge! Drink Deep!

Becoming aware of the micro-changes one's body goes through when they encounter a particular tea is important in coming to the realization of which teas work best for you. Does black tea give you energy? Does it keep you awake at night? Does Rooibos give you a sense of ease and calm, or does that happen from only green teas or Oolong? Does a specific tea make you jittery when you drink too much of it? Does it curb hunger? How often does it have you running to the bathroom?

Tea is a diuretic. It cleans you out! And like any digestible matter it deposits nutrients throughout our system. How these nutrients interact with you, and you being able to take notice of them, and/or measure their effects, will aid you in choosing those teas that work best for your body.

Flavor Savior?

#FlavorSavior What you choose to drink should not be about how it taste alone? I agree that life is too short to drink a bad tasting anything. Though teas are highly medicinal, they should never taste like medicine...if you know what I mean. When I craft teas for VTC, I am always looking for ways to amp up the flavor profile. I want to drink a tea that tastes good. I am sure that you are no different. Taste plays an important part in what we choose to put in our mouths.

The same can be said for smell. How a thing smells determines a lot about how it will taste. Teas are very aromatic and as such, are soothing to inhale. Each tea has a different flavor and scent. Notice how the teas makes you feel when you simply inhale its raw form, before you steep it. Notice also, how the tea makes you feel when you breathe it in as it steeps. These are amazing markers as to how the tea is going to affect you once you drink it.

Stunning First Sip!

The Proof Is In the Pudding...Cup...'s in the cup at least.

The first sip is the entrance. The second sip is the master stroke. It awakens the body as the tea reveals itself. How the tea makes you feel within your first two drinks is the most important time to explore all the sensations and micro-changes, so that you can judge the tea, and determine if it is right for you.

From then on, as you finish your cup, the mouth becomes used to the flavor and it becomes ordinary - even with an extraordinary tea. So, break open the seal of how you feel when part your lips for that first sip.

Becoming One With It!

Once you have downed your cup, that tea is in your body and doing its thing. Like a 'lil dance, it is working its way through your system, improving, moving, and LIVING within you. Notice how this makes you feel. Take stock of it. In the most-semi-Sufi-Spiritualistic-way that I can say....Become One With It. It is inside of you. It is now a part of you. You and the Tea are one. Explore that connection. This is where you truly learn to Drink Deep. #DrinkDeep Drinking deeply is not about the liquid in the cup, It is about the liquid being inside of you.


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