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Dragon's Breath

Dragon's Breath


for 2oz Reusable Rice Paper Bag

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Our Hojicha is Uji Grade, highest quality.  Green Tea naturally contains bioactive compounds that improve health by strengthening the immune system and increasing fat burning cells. Our robust roasted Japanese Sencha Green Tea has the smoky hearth and heart of the immortal dragon. It lowers the risks of several cancers, Alzheimer's, and Parkinson's Disease, as well as, promotes clean living and better breath by killing the bacteria that cause plaque, cavities, and tooth decay. So, not only is green tea an excellent life choice, but the qualiTEA of our Dragon's Breath is pure heaven in a cup!


Available: In eco-friendly rice-paper bags or our Special Edition Collector's Artistic Tea Tins. Each Tin comes with 2.5 ounces of our delicious tea. The label features original gothic art.


Luxury Ingredients: Green Tea* *Organic Certified Organic by Pro-Cert Organic Systems (Organic Equivalency with COR, NOP, EU, JAS)

Tea(s) From: Japan

Region: Kagoshima Prefecture

Antioxidant Level: High

Caffeine Level: Low

  • Suggested Steeping Instructions

    2 grams | 8 oz water | 175°F | Steep 2-3 minutes for Taste

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